What is the real story behind the new #NikkiTrinket design?

The story behind one of the newest designs by the famed jewelry designer Nikki Trinket is getting new life as a new line of jewelry inspired by her signature jewelry designs.

Nikki Trinkets newest line of designs includes a new gold necklace that was created using a combination of traditional Japanese gold jewelry and modern design elements.

The necklace was created with a combination that is similar to the style of jewelry Trinkett was known for, according to a statement released on her Instagram account.

The new jewelry is named “Nikki’s TrinkET” and it features an image of the designer with the words “Nikko TrinkETS Trinketry” written in gold on a silver chain and necklace.

Nikko’s Trinks Trinkery is designed to be a stylish, contemporary, and elegant way to express your love for Nikki Trinks jewelry collection.

The new jewelry also features a unique necklace and a necklaces jewelry ring.

Trinkets original designs have been inspired by the beautiful colors and styles that her jewelry can bring to the table.

The designs were created by the famous designer in an effort to “create something new and original,” according to the statement.

Nikikos jewelry collection includes more than 40 pieces of jewelry.

Her designs are available for purchase at retailers such as Sephora, Tiffany and more.