How to get a tattoo for a great price

Jewelry designer Paloma Briceno is selling her signature tattoo designs for a mere $3,500, and her tattoo ink will last you a lifetime. 

Briceno, a California-based tattoo artist, told Business Insider she started her business in 2005. 

“I have a passion for designing beautiful tattoos and designing them for the best customers.

My customers are my clients, and they deserve something special,” Bricena said. 

She’s been tattooing for more than a decade and started selling ink in 2012. 

Her designs range from large ink tattoos that can last for up to five years, to small ink tattoos, which are easy to clean. 

The tattoos can be bought in individual pieces or can be personalized. 

These are some of the best deals she’s seen online. 

You can find more of her work at and Facebook. 

Ink Tattoos for $3K: Polaris  is an award-winning tattoo artist based in the Los Angeles area. 

Petersen’s designs have become popular because of his unique style and passion for tattoos. 

He specializes in custom tattoos that are custom and unique. 

Palomaribel Designs: Sandra’s Ink Tattoos  are an award winning tattoo artist who specializes in creating intricate, high-quality tattoos.

 The designs can be tattooed on a variety of materials, including metal, paper, ink, or acrylic. 

Sandy Paloma Designs: Sandra Paloma’s Ink T-Shirts are one of the hottest tattoos out there. 

They are designed with the best materials and features for tattooing. 

If you’re looking for a good deal on a custom tattoo, then look no further. 

Shop Samantha Paloma Tattoos: Samantha Paloma has a tattoo shop and a tattoo studio. 

While Samantha’s Ink is a great tattoo shop, her studio has more of a tattoo design line. 

All you need to know is you can get a personalized tattoo for only $3.95! 

Pelton Ink Tattoo Design: Honey, You’re Mine: Peloton Ink Tattos  have been a staple of Pelton Ink since 2004. 

Their unique designs are inspired by the culture of Japan, with their ink depicting the characters of Japanese pop culture. 

This tattoo design can be used for anything from a personalized gift to a personal touch. 

 You might also want to check out their designs on their Facebook Page. 

Vintage Jewelry Designs: Vogue Jewelry  has been a favorite for years. 

Here are some great vintage jewelry designs. 

Classic Jewelry Jewelry: Dollars for Dimes: Dollard jewelry is one of a kind. 

Dollar for Dollar, a line of affordable, vintage jewelry, has been a hit with customers. 

With a range of designs, this line has an affordable, fun vibe. 

Lilac Jewelry Design: Lilac Jewelers  designed a line that is made of colorful, bright, and natural patterns. 

Each piece is hand-crafted and inspired by a natural color. 

It’s perfect for the vintage lover. 

Beautiful Jewelry, Too: Gorgeous Jewelry : GORGEOUS Jewelry has been making a name for itself for years with their beautiful designs and beautiful designs.

Their designs are simple, fun, and easy to understand. 

Don’t miss their $20 jewelry offer for a limited time. 

Branded Jewelry : Candy Crush  and Miley Cyrus  make up one of these great brands. 

Cheryl and Cyrus have been creating a lasting partnership for years and their designs are a great example of the brand. 

Tattoo Designs: Black Widow Tattoo Designs  Black Widow Tattoos is a small tattoo shop in West Covina, California. 

Black widow tattoos are designed to be durable, durable, and durable. 

For a tattoo that lasts for years, this tattoo design is perfect. 

Love Black Widow?

Get the tattoo you’ve always wanted for $4,499.00. 

Get a tattoo tattoo with this Black Widow tattoo design. 

Sticker Ideas: Brunette Tattoo Ideas  Brunner’s Tattoo, a new design studio based in Seattle, WA, specializes in the creation of tattoos.

The studio is constantly creating new tattoos and designs.

The studio’s tattoos are always unique and fun. 

A great tattoo tattoo design for you, your girlfriend, or your significant other! 

 This is a fantastic gift for any couple. 

Make a gift for your significant others or friends. 

Use these ideas to create personalized tattoos or create your own unique designs for your partner, family, and friends.