‘Starlite’ jewelry designs inspired by the movie ‘Star Trek’

In a bid to create a sparkle-filled and sparkly look for his jewelry designs in the upcoming Star Trek film, the “Starlight” star is known to have gone with a collection of bright, vibrant and sparkle colors to be featured in his “Star Trek” designs.

In his latest piece of jewelry, the star wore a light, golden, shimmery silver bracelet with gold accents.

The bracelets design was inspired by a classic Star Trek movie.

The star wore his bracelet to the Vanity Fair New York premiere in September and also tweeted about the design, saying, “I made a bracelet to help you find your inner star…

I’ll wear this bracelet with all my jewelry in the future!”

In an interview with GQ magazine, the actor shared some more details about the star’s bracelet and how it was inspired.

“When I was doing ‘Star Wars,’ I made a lot of things to wear,” the actor said.

“I did the gold-plated wrist bands that were for all the little toys that I had.

I was making these wrist bands out of silver plated steel that were a little bit thicker than the ones that I used for the rest of the stuff.”

“Star Wars” star Chris Pine, who plays Commander Spock, wears his bracelet on his wrist in the film.

The actor wore his new bracelet to an event at Vanity Fair on Sept. 19, and also shared a photo of it on Instagram with a caption that read, “Wearing my bracelet to a new event in New York City.

A lot of the new stuff is all about sparkle and light and the idea of connecting with the stars.”

The bracelet design, which is called “Starlite,” is an updated version of a bracelet worn by the late actor Chris Pine in the 1993 film “Star Trail.”

Pine’s original bracelet was a gold-tone one with a black and gold buckle, and it was sold in 2012 for $1,100.