Which jewelry designer is the best designer in India?

In the midst of a global craze for high-end jewelry, one designer in Kerala has become the top jewel designer in the country.

Chanel, the most renowned luxury brand in India, has become a mainstay in the fashion industry in the past decade.

The company has been able to do so because it has become one of the biggest brands in the state.

Chanels’ flagship line, Chanel S, was launched in 2006.

The brand was founded by Marie-Pierre Dehomme, a French designer known for her bold and feminine designs.

Chanellos range of collections, which are designed to be feminine and sensual, has been popular among the fashion and lifestyle world.

Its products are often designed with the idea of femininity, and the designs have often been designed to appeal to young women.

In its first five years of existence, Chanels S had over 50 stores in Kerala.

Its most successful stores were in the coastal city of Kottayam, where it has stores in five districts and in the north-eastern town of Thiruvananthapuram, in the southern state of Kerala.

It also launched stores in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

Its flagship store in Tamilnadu, in Chennai, was the first in the Indian state.

It is said to have been Chanel’s biggest success in India.

It has sold over 200 million pieces in India alone and has more than 1,500 stores across the country, as well as a network of retail outlets.

The brand has been a big hit with women who are more attuned to the finer details of fashion.

Many of the women who own Chanel brands have had to go through a rigorous fashion training process, which included a series of fashion education workshops, and in one such workshop, women learned about how to use Chanel makeup and accessories to create the look of a designer.

Chanelled is a term used to describe women who have spent years learning to wear and manage their own brand.

It refers to a range of women who take the styling and styling lessons learned in their fashion training to their jobs.

It is an alternative to the term “shemales”, which refers to women who spend years of their lives working in a shop and then retire, but the process of making a successful career in fashion is more akin to “fashion-driven”.

The brand, however, did not take long to capitalize on the trend.

In the year 2012, Chanellos S sold more than 4 million pieces of jewellery in India with an annual sales of around $3 million.

Chanelling is also known for its sophisticated packaging and the way it has evolved.

The designs are always meticulously made with the help of handcrafted fabrics and materials, which make them incredibly wearable and durable.

In this regard, Chanelling is known as a fashion brand that is not only about luxury but about luxury in the most elegant way.

Chanells S’ brand image is that of a luxury designer who has been around for more than two decades, yet has managed to remain relatively untouchable, even though its products are designed for a younger crowd.

Chanellenas S was founded in 1983 by Marie Marie-Jeanne Chanel and is based in the city of Malappuram in Kerala state.

It was founded on the idea that women, and especially young women, are in a rush to buy and wear luxury jewellery.

Chanel has since grown to a global brand with stores across 50 countries, as many as 80,000 employees.

Chanellery designer Chanelles flagship store, Chanelle, opened in the US in 2006 and has now expanded to more than 200 stores across seven countries.

It also has an international network of stores and retail outlets in India and Europe.

Chanellers products are made from materials that are considered luxury and are priced accordingly.

Chanelle is a premium brand that has been established with the intention of being a top-tier luxury brand.

The company is owned by Chanel designer Christine LeBlanc and it was started by LeBlac, who was a graduate of the fashion school of Marie-Guillaume Dreyfus.

Chaneller, however is not the only brand in Kerala to have taken a bold step into the fashion world.

The state of Tamil Nadu has also become the biggest jeweler in India thanks to the company.

The Tamil Nadu government has invested more than $2 billion in the project to create a jeweler manufacturing hub in the area.

In 2013, it was also awarded the coveted “Best Design” Award from the Fashion Designers Guild of India (FDDI).

The state has also seen a dramatic increase in the number of jewelers and the demand for their products has increased dramatically in the last few years.

The jewelers are the ones who make up the majority of the demand at the jewelery retail chain.

They are also the ones with the most to gain from the