Which Norwegian jewelry designer is right for you?

Posted October 20, 2018 03:02:30 In Norway, the name of the game is beauty, and the word beauty is a little hard to define.

In Norway you will be familiar with two of the countrys best-known brands, the Jarlsbrand and the Brøndset, but you will also discover a whole range of other styles, from chiffon, lace, and silk to sequins, pearls, and crystals.

These are not limited to Scandinavian design though, and Norwegian jewelry designers are renowned for their versatility.

The Jarl’sbrand is best known for its beautiful jewelry, which is usually made from soft and natural materials like ivory and gold.

These pieces are made of pure gold, which adds a stunning touch to any outfit.

Brørdset, on the other hand, has a rich history of making fine pieces from traditional materials, like jade and amber, as well as new materials like diamond and gemstones.

They are known for their exquisite, handmade pieces and their ability to work with both natural and artificial materials.

Here are some of the best jewelry designers in Norway who are known to be worth a look.

Anna Sversten A.S. Kristiansen is the founder and owner of the Kristiansens jewelry design company.

Her designs are available in both the natural and synthetic categories, and they offer a wide range of sizes and styles.

Anna started working at the age of 15, when she started working in the design department of a family-owned furniture store.

She started at Brønderset when she was 16, but later moved to the Joulandsbrand, where she has been for more than 15 years.

The jewelry designer’s work is unique and distinctive, with her own style that is both feminine and sophisticated.

Kristianne Brøderbund The Norwegian designer has worked for Brøgger’s since 2001, and she is known for her attention to detail and her bold and bold silhouettes.

Kristi Køhnemann The owner of Brøger, Kristi is also known for the boldness of her designs, and her strong individuality.

She is also an award-winning designer, having won multiple awards for her work.

Kristina Stavanger is the owner of Kønker, the best-selling luxury designer in Norway, and also a frequent contributor to the Norwegian jewelry magazine The Lively.

Kristin Kristiansson Kristianssen has been designing jewelry since she was 17, and in 2018 she founded her own studio in Oslo.

Kristiana Schönfelt Kristiansenson, who is also the owner and designer of Brændset in Norway’s capital, Oslo, is known worldwide for her elegant designs.

Her work has been well-received by fashion houses, fashion designers, and celebrities, and now she is looking to build her own name in the fashion industry with her new line of handcrafted jewelry.

Krista Fjellberg Krista is known in the Norwegian market for her handcrafted, unique designs that emphasize the subtlety of each piece.

Kristie Sveinbjerg Kristie has been selling her hand-made jewelry in the Oslo market since 2002.

Her style is contemporary, yet timeless, and combines classic and contemporary pieces that will be a favorite of women and men alike.

She specializes in handcrafted jewellery made with precious metals, including gold, pearl, and precious stones, as these are the materials that make up a good proportion of the designs that she makes.

The Brænderset Brødsset jewelry designer has a long history in the jewelry industry and her designs have earned her the admiration of designers from all over the world.

The designs are timeless and beautiful, and will be appreciated by both men and women alike.

Svetlana Kranjgaard Kranja is known as one of the leading handcrafted designers in the Scandinavian world.

Her jewelry designs are well-known and have earned international recognition.

Her collection includes many handcrafted pieces of fine and delicate jewelry that are available for sale through her website.

The designer has also designed a wide array of accessories and accessories, which are available at Bræderbunstad and Kranjanstad, as she has created a wide variety of unique jewelry accessories.

Nils Petter Hansen Nils is a well-established and well-loved handcrafted designer, known for his attention to design and the quality of his work.

NILS is renowned for his exquisite and unique jewelry designs, which often go beyond traditional designs.

The handcrafted and handcrafted accessories are made with natural materials and include beautiful and elegant pieces like crystals and gem stones.

This is an amazing range of options for those looking to add a little more individuality to their own jewelry.