A new design by a jewelry designer has won a design competition for Italy

Designers from Italy’s biggest jewelry brand, J.

Crew, have won a competition for a new design, inspired by the Italian Rhino.

The Italian Rhino was named the winner of a competition in Milan, the largest Italian city, for its new logo and design for a set of bracelets, earrings and earrings that would be made by the designers of J. Crew.

The design of the bracelets and earring is inspired by a rhino’s head and features a skull and a checkered pattern that would make it a very appropriate symbol for the Italian capital, Milan.

The head of the rhino is seen with its horns pointing towards the sun in the logo, and the checkeyed pattern in the earrings, which are also a nod to the Italian rhino.

The earrings were designed by Andrea Corbetta, a designer with the Italian company, Zona Rocca.

The earrings are available at the Milan design exhibition from September 11 to September 13.

The winning design is a pair of earrings featuring a skull, which would be fitting for Milan, Milan designer Andrea Corbeiletta said in a statement. 

The design will be displayed in Milan’s Zona Ricci Gallery, as part of the design exhibition, which will also include a presentation of the collection. 

“We are delighted to present this award to Andrea Corbiotti for the design of our first-ever design for the earring collection,” the J. and J.C. Smith Group, the Italian brand, said in the statement.

“This is the most important event of the year and we look forward to a very successful event.” 

Italian jewelry designer Andrea Foscarini, who designed the first designs for the bracelet and earlrings, said she was very excited to be working with J. & J.

Smith and that it was a very rewarding experience to work with such a great company. 

Italia’s most prestigious design competition is called the “Design of the Year” and has been held since 1987.

The designers of the two winning designs are also on display in the Italian fashion gallery, where the winners will be announced in September.

The first winners will also be awarded with the most coveted awards, which include the “Grand Prix,” the Italian equivalent of the Oscars. 

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