Fashion designer who created jewelry design with a ‘fatal flaw’ dies

Designers from collective design jewelry studio Collective Design jewelry designer Ravi Kishore died Tuesday, the company said.

Kishor, whose family declined to be identified, had been hospitalized in Israel for a month with an autoimmune disease.

The company said he was 69.

“His creative spirit and passion for making exquisite jewelry will be deeply missed by all of us,” the company’s statement said.

He was a former senior designer for the global brand Cartier, where he served as head of design and manufacturing.

Kifah Shabazz, a former co-owner of Collective Design, said she was surprised by the news of his death.

“I had the pleasure of working with him and knowing him for so many years,” she said.

Shabaz said she had no further comment.

The Shabazes, who have a long and storied history in the fashion world, were founded in 1981 by Kishors family and started out as a small boutique in New York.

Their logo is a heart.

“We’re just so proud of what they’ve accomplished in their short time together,” Shabuls statement said of Kishores design studio.

“He was the mastermind behind some of the most incredible pieces, and his passion for the craft was infectious.”

Kishora Shabu, the mother of Kifahs youngest daughter, was also in the news after she posted a video on social media saying that Kishored’s death “makes me sad.”

She posted on Twitter that she was “heartbroken” by his death, and that she will continue to pursue her dreams in fashion design.

“In addition to his amazing passion for design and his profound sense of humor, Ravi was an incredibly kind, compassionate and generous person.

He will be missed,” Shabadaz wrote.