How to Make a Ring for a New Girlfriend

Gwen Stefani, the pop superstar, was asked to help design a new ring for a girlfriend she met at the Met Ball.

The “American Horror Story” star and her husband of eight years, Ryan Gosling, collaborated with the jewelry designers at a gala event for a new “Gwen Stefania Collection” of jewelry.

The couple said they had no idea how they would get the ring made.

“It was really just a question of trying to get it made,” Stefani said at the event.

“I’m so grateful that they were willing to help.

It was just a really fun process.”

The couple were married in February and are expecting a baby girl, who is due in August.

“We’ve been very fortunate that we had someone to work with who knew exactly what we were going for and could do it,” Stefano said.

“That was a huge help.

They were able to come up with something that was really beautiful and unique.”

The wedding was in the New York City borough of Queens, but the couple were looking forward to traveling to Paris and Rome for the wedding.

“The idea of having a wedding in New York was just so cool,” Gosling said.

The designers said they did not know of any other wedding rings in the market.

They said they are currently working on another ring.

The Met Ball, the world’s largest annual music festival, will take place Sept. 21-23 in New Jersey.