A French man’s bizarre plan to steal a gold-plated ring inspired by his love of horror movie horror has sparked an online debate

The man behind a French design website for jewelry was inspired by the film “Alien: Covenant” when he tried to steal the ring from a collector, according to his site.

The website’s designer, Ettore Mazzoli, posted a photograph of his handiwork on the site in March, but the man who made it did not seem to like it.

His post, which has now been viewed more than 20,000 times, is a reference to the film’s opening sequence, in which the crew discovers a mysterious ring hidden under a pile of gold.

Mazzoli told French television station BFM TV he created the ring to commemorate a friend who was killed in the making of the film.

He said he had been searching for a way to honour his friend for a few years, and was inspired to create the ring after watching “The Thing.”

“I am just so lucky to have this chance to be able to create something unique for someone who has the potential to inspire someone like me,” he said.

“I hope people will respect me.”

The man behind the website, who goes by the handle of “Cecil,” told CNN he had hoped to get the ring for his girlfriend.

“When I saw the picture of the ring, I thought, I will try to do something special for her, and I didn’t think I would be able,” he told the network.

“It’s been difficult for me to find an opportunity that will fit with my personality.”

Mazzoni said the man had asked him to send him a $20,000 check for the ring.

He also said he believed the man in the photograph had made the mistake of stealing a diamond ring that he’d bought years earlier.

“For a year or two, I was searching for something to put in her heart,” Mazzoni told CNN.

“And then I was inspired.

She had a big love for that ring, and she asked me to give her something that she would love, so I thought it was worth the effort.”

Cecile Pouliot, a French film director who was among the first to notice the ring and who is now the owner of the website called EcceCecilles, said the ring was a gift to her mother who died in 2015.

“My mother had just passed away, and her ring, which she had bought years ago, was one of the things she gave me, which I bought for my mother,” Poulion said.

“I had this big feeling of happiness that she wanted to put this piece of jewelry in her daughter’s hand, and it was her.”

Moussa Dembowski, a fashion designer who has designed for some of the films that inspired the design, said he was not surprised by the man’s choice of style.

“He has made a beautiful piece of jewellery that he will cherish,” he wrote on Facebook.

“He has chosen to honour a very dear friend with this beautiful and meaningful piece of art.

The rings are very beautiful.”

Dembowski said he’s been working with the designer to try and get the jewelry returned.

“This is very strange, but I am going to keep working with him,” he added.

“A few years ago I went to Paris and was talking to a fashion editor.

He told me that he had seen this ring, but had no idea who the designer was, and the story of how he got it, and how it got here, I had to ask him a few questions.”

The designer told CNN that he was also working with a man who had a ring stolen from his daughter who passed away two years ago.