Canadian designer, jewellers and jewelry designers have united to create a new global movement to raise awareness for global climate change

The Canadian designer and jeweller industry has a long history of making a positive impact on the world.

They’ve made products that have been adopted by celebrities, artists and athletes.

But their greatest success has been in the realm of jewelry design, where they have been at the forefront of bringing the latest technology to the world of jewelry.

“We’ve seen this really exciting shift, which is bringing more of our designs to the marketplace, and that’s a huge opportunity for us,” said Kristin Cawthon, president of Cawdons Fine Jewelry Design Group.

Cawdens fine jewelry designers in Victoria, British Columbia, will unveil a new movement this spring to bring awareness to the global climate crisis and the impacts of climate change.

The initiative, which will include an exhibit, will showcase innovative designs for everyday uses including, jewelry, jewellery accessories, and jewellery design templates.

It’s part of Caws Fine Jewelery Design Group’s global campaign to help raise awareness of the global impacts of global warming.

The group, which started in 2009, aims to help the jewelry industry take its rightful place in the world’s consciousness.

Caws Fine Design Group, based in Victoria and New Westminster, B.C., has been one of Canada’s largest designers of jewelry since it opened its first store in Victoria in 2010.

The company has expanded internationally and internationally.

Cwds Fine Jewelers, based outside of Vancouver, B, Canada, and known for their jewellery designs for artists and celebrities, is also planning a major exhibition in Vancouver this spring.

Its main exhibition will be the Global Climate Impact Exhibit, which was unveiled at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December.

The exhibit will feature more than 300 pieces from Cawds Fine Design Collection.

The studio’s designer, Christine St-Pierre, will lead a discussion about the impact of global climate on jewellery.

The Global Climate Action Exhibit will also showcase a collection of more than 1,500 pieces that were created by Cawdnys designers, including jewelry, accessories, jeweller’s jewelry and jeweller templates.

The exhibition will run from May 12 to September 15 at the Victoria Art Gallery.

The exhibit is part of a series of international exhibitions to coincide with the upcoming UN climate change conference.