How to get the best bang for your buck at the mall

Designers across the globe are flocking to the UK’s largest department store for the chance to earn a profit.

At a time when fashion is dominated by the US and China, the UK has the luxury of being able to cater for fashion’s most discriminating customers.

For the past few years, the retail giant has been trying to increase its appeal by offering its designers more options.

“I think our clients are becoming more conscious of the style and the design of what they wear, and more willing to be a little more conscious about the brand that they wear,” said Antonella Di Carlo, senior fashion marketing manager at J.

Crew UK.

This year, the retailer opened two new stores in the UK, and is working on more.

One store is in central London, while another is in Brighton, a town with a vibrant arts and design scene.

Di Carlo says the UK is one of the most sought after markets for fashion designers in the world, and that brands like J. Crew are looking to cater to this market.

When I started out in fashion, I was a fashion student, so I had a passion for fashion and design,” Di Carlo told Business Insider.


Crew has also been adding to its portfolio in the US, where it launched a range of high-end fashion items at its flagship stores in Manhattan and Los Angeles.

Its latest offering is a $300-a-piece dress, which the company says is the first ever J.C. Penney-branded dress at JCPenney stores.

The designer told Business Magazine that the dress is a “great piece of fashion that has a lot of room in the waist and a little room in front.”

For now, it is just for the US store, but Di Carlo expects the trend to spread to other countries.

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