10 of the Most Beautiful Jewelry Designs from the past year

When it comes to jewelry designs from the ’90s and ’00s, there’s nothing quite like the way your grandma made them, or the way they looked on your grandma’s neck, chest or waist.

From necklaces to earrings to cufflinks and even jewelry belts, our editors picked out some of the most beautiful designs from that time period.

Read on to learn more about what these vintage items from the era actually look like, how they were made, and what you can do to make them even more beautiful.1.

The Tiffany’s Pendant Necklace and Lace Set by Tiffany’s: Made of gold plated metal, the Tiffany’s Tiffany Pendant necklace and lace set are inspired by the jewels Tiffany had on her wedding day.

The design is crafted using gold plating that gives it a stunning silver hue.

Tiffany’s has released two versions of the necklace and a necklace with matching silver earrings and bracelet.

Available in black or gold, the bracelet features a black pearl and an elegant silver bracelet that also has silver accents.

Tiffany says the bracelet was inspired by Tiffany and her husband’s wedding day reception.2.

The Jewelry Jewelry Collection by Tiffany: A classic Tiffany-inspired design that is made of plated brass with a rose gold lining, the Jewelry collection is the quintessential Tiffany jewelry.

Made in the U.K., it features sterling silver rings and a diamond bracelet with a diamond on the side.

It’s available in a wide variety of sizes, including a size 6.3, a size 9.5, a 7.5 and a 9.75.3.

The Dior Homage by Dior: This elegant diamond bracelet is inspired by Diasporas classic style, and has a rose motif.

Available as a 7-inch bracelet, or as a 10-inch version, the Homage comes in rose gold, diamond and sterling silver.4.

The Trifecta by Tiffany & Arnolds: The Triffids Triforce necklace is one of the best-known vintage jewelry designs in the world, but it was also a popular piece during the ’70s and early ’80s, especially on the fashion show circuit.

It features a diamond-studded trident necklace, a trident ring, a necklace bracelet and an earring.

The designs are inspired, in part, by the designer’s own personal taste and taste in jewelry.

Available for men and women, the Trifes Trifection necklace features a rose diamond and diamond-encrusted trident, and a trinity necklace with a pearl and a rose.5.

The Mona Lisa by Giuseppe Zanotti: The Monamila by Giussani is one the most famous pieces of jewelry in the history of the world.

It was created for Giuseppina, the young mistress of Leonardo da Vinci, in 1523.

It has a sapphire-and-quartz design, and is made with sterling silver, and it’s available for men, women and children.

The necklace and necklace, as well as the bracelet, are made of sterling silver and are made to order.6.

The Gilded Jewelry by Michael Kors: This unique diamond and gold bracelet is one item that has been featured on the cover of Marie Claire magazine and in many fashion magazines over the years.

It depicts a striking gold gilded, with a sawn-off wing.

The gilded diamond is an enamel-like finish that adds an amazing level of depth to the bracelet.

The bracelet is a limited edition, and the necklacing and earrings are both handmade.7.

The Diamond Necklace by L’Oréal: The Diamond necklace is the most popular item on this list, and L’Oreal is known for its jewelry designs that reflect its rich history.

The diamond necklacquer is made from platinum and gold and is one piece in the L’ Oréal Diamond Collection.

It includes the following designs: the Diamond Ring, the Diamond Pendant, the Platinum Earrings, the Sapphire Earrings and the Ruby Earrings.

It is available in sizes from 10 to 22.8.

The L’Osca Diamond Earrings by Lola: This diamond earring is a perfect choice for women who are looking for something special in their jewelry.

Lola has always made a commitment to the classic diamond look, and this earring design is just that.

It incorporates a diamond and an ombre design that creates a subtle, almost chunky diamond.9.

The Earrings of Mary Todd Lincoln by Louis Vuitton: In this timeless design, Louis Vuitch’s Mary Todd is wearing a necklace that has a black and gold design.

This design has been worn by many famous artists, and most recently by actor James Franco, who is also a fan of Louis Vuichons