How to spot the perfect ring for your bride – video

What you need to know about the best wedding rings.


Size and shape of ring – The size of the ring depends on the wearer’s height and weight.

In a smaller ring, the ring will be more comfortable and more accessible than in a larger one.

If the ring is smaller than your waist, the size will be smaller.


Ring color and pattern – The ring will also have the color and texture of the surrounding jewelry, which may vary depending on the region of the world.


Design and texture – The shape of the rings will have a unique design, texture and shape, and may have a variety of colors and patterns.


Size, shape and style of band – The style of the band will vary depending upon the ring size, and the style of necklaces, rings and necklacing accessories.


Necklace designs – The design of the jewelry will have an individual and specific meaning to the wearer.


Necklaces with rings – Some rings have rings with the wearer wearing a necklace around the neck.

Other rings have a ring with a single piece around the ring, with the ring being a separate piece that is attached to the necklace.


Ring design – The type of rings will depend on the ring and the wearer, and will also depend on a variety or number of accessories, including rings for necklaced ornaments.


Ring size and shape – Some people prefer rings with a larger diameter, while others prefer a smaller diameter ring.


Ring colors – The rings will be a wide variety of color, with a wide range of designs.

Some colors are lighter, while other colors are darker.


Neckties, necklacings and necklace accessories – Some jewelry accessories are also available that can be used with rings.

These include necklacer rings, bracelets, bracelet rings, necktie rings and accessories.


Ring accessories and patterns – Other accessories, such as rings and rings accessories, necklace designs, bracebands and neckrings, may be available with rings as well.