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India’s first major jewellery design company, Shiva Designs, is working on the first jewelled wedding rings in the country.

The jewelled rings will feature a Shiva design in the design on one side and an indigo on the other side.

Shiva Design, which started life as an online jewellery shop in 2009, has been working on jewellery in India since 2010.

The company has already created two designs for weddings.

One is a wedding ring featuring a diamond ring and the other a silver ring.

Shiva Design also has plans to produce jewelled accessories in the near future.

The wedding ring is meant to be a beautiful piece of jewellery with a high-end style.

It will feature an indium coloured ring, a silver piece, and the signature colour of the bride’s favourite colour.

The rings will also feature an engraved name on the inside of the ring and on the outside of the piece.

Shivas designs jewelled jewellery is a multi-dimensional design, which means that they can be made with different colours and sizes.

The jewelled designs are intended to be customisable and have a range of functions, including wedding rings, bracelets, earrings, bracelet holders, and earrings.