New York jewelry designer to create jewelry in Israel, US, India

Posted November 02, 2018 07:24:52 A New York jewelry design designer who is the daughter of Israel’s famed designer Hariri is set to make jewelry in the Israeli and American markets.

In her first full year of work in the United States, Hariri, whose father was a leading designer and owner of the jewelry brand Hariri and Company, will be launching her first jewelry in New York, said her sister-in-law, Rania Hariri.

She said the firm is aiming to produce jewelry in both countries.

The fashion designer’s sister-composer and business partner, who will be overseeing the jewelry designs, will work with Hariri on the jewelry projects.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Harini said her goal was to create something that is very different than what she has been doing in Israel.

She added that her goal is to be able to make an Israeli product.

“I’m doing this with a firm that has a different idea, so we’ll see,” Harini told AP.

She said she plans to create an entirely new line of jewelry for her sister’s clients.

It is expected to debut in mid-2018.

Hariri is a former fashion designer and designer who has been a member of the Israeli fashion community for a decade.

She is also a senior adviser to the Israeli government and a leading figure in the country’s public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy.

In addition to her jewelry designs in Israel and the United, Harriis designs in her home country are now available in other countries.

Her jewelry designs include a gold-and-cobalt bracelet with an emerald green gold chain and earrings with a gold chain.

Israel has become an international leader in high-end fashion, with designers like the likes of Ralph Lauren and Gucci collaborating with foreign brands.

The United States is a major player in the world of jewelry, with the likes the French designer Yves Saint Laurent, British designer Peter Prins and British designer Stella McCartney among the fashion icons.

As Hariri began her career in the US, her father, Hariris family’s chief executive, Shlomo Hariri founded Hariri International in 2005.

Hariri’s mother, Mariam, also designed jewelry for Hariri in the late 1990s.

The Hariri name is also the first in Israeli fashion history to be used in a foreign market, with its designers using the name for themselves.

Harir is a native of Israel, and her father is an Israeli citizen.