Noren Jewelry Design Contest – Sabra Designs

A contest has been launched for designers to submit their jewelry designs for inclusion in the 2017 Noren Design Contest, which will be held March 31-April 1, 2017 in London. 

The contest, which was created to recognize the creative talents and creativity of the designers, will be open to designers of any nationalities, as well as international designers. 

“The theme of the Noren design contest is ‘What is it about?’ and this year’s theme is ‘Designs for the Mind,'” said Noren’s Marketing Director, Nelba Dutkiewicz. 

Each contestant will receive a prize consisting of a pair of Noren designer jewelry pieces, a free Noren watch, and an opportunity to submit to the Nuren Design Festival at the end of March. 

For more information about the Norene Design Contest and the Nornie Design Festival, please visit Comments