Why I never wear eyeliner on my face

The world’s greatest designer has always been one of the greatest painters of all time, and now she’s also one of our best-looking.

The Lila design line of jewelry is inspired by the artist’s trademarked eyeshadow formula, but with the help of a little bit of modern makeup.

Lila has teamed up with makeup brand Huda Beauty to offer an entire line of eye shadow shades for $12 each.

Each one features a cool, golden glow.

Each shade has a subtle, luminous finish that looks like an opaque cream.

The eyeshadows come in four different shades, including the shimmering “Aurora” shade that goes from a pale-brown to a deep golden.

The shimmery shades will last for up to a week in the pan and come in five finishes: neutral, rich, warm, metallic, and golden.

It’s a pretty cool, wearable collection that’s definitely worth checking out.

Lili-Ann White-Haired Makeup Tutorial LilaDesign.com | Pinterest: Lila Design | Instagram: LiliAnnWhiteHairedMakeupInstagram.com Lila’s line includes three different shades of “Aurea” eye shadow for $10 each.

It looks like Lila might be offering the same shades in a smaller palette.

You can find the eye shadow in the three shades listed below.

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