“The best of the best”: R&B-inspired jewelry designer buttons

The best of what is on the market today can be found in designer buttons.

The latest craze comes courtesy of the designers behind a new jewelry line by the name of R&B.

“The new line is inspired by the iconic designer buttons from R&amps R&B,” says R&A.

“These buttons are hand-crafted and designed to fit the unique style of a particular R&Am,” says the brand.

“Each button is hand-stitched and hand-pressed.

The hand-colored vinyl is applied and stitched with an industrial grade wax paper.”

The buttons come in two sizes, the standard size and the oversized size.

Each button is made with a leather-like feel, and features the designer’s signature style, with a rounded button tip, a soft feel and a slight curve.

R&AB also sells buttons in a variety of colors.

R &AB also offers custom button designs, like the blue and yellow button designs.

RAB buttons can be ordered online or from the brand’s brick and mortar store, R&AM.

The buttons are priced at $50 each, and can be customized by the designer, according to the brand website.

“There is a lot of interest in designer button design right now,” says Tiffany Williams, a jewelry designer in Washington.

“I think that a lot more people are realizing that this is a great way to dress up a button and to create a little bit of a unique look.”

R&BA is also available on Amazon.

The R&BB line of designer button pieces is now available on its website.

RUBB is another new trend in designer clothing.

This brand was founded in 2010 and was first launched in 2011.

“We are all about creating a new form of luxury that is designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials,” says founder and CEO John W. Buford Jr. “It is a combination of artistry and technology that brings to life the rich and beautiful design elements of our collections.

These are the qualities that have defined the RUB brand for the past 20 years.”

Bufords son John Bufo, a designer and owner of the New York-based boutique boutique JB Bufs, started the brand after a stint as a production assistant in the 1980s at a New York fashion studio.

“At the time, it was a time of rapid development and innovation in the fashion industry,” says Bufbert.

“But I couldn’t find anything that had a more iconic look to it.

I decided to create an idea of luxury with design that was not only beautiful, but had the perfect blend of style and functionality.”

The first RUB boutique opened in 2009, with more than a dozen locations nationwide, including in New York and Los Angeles.

BUFB was founded by Bufiard and his son, John B. B. of Bufa.

“Our goal with the R&UB brand was to be one of the most innovative and innovative fashion brands in the world,” says John B., who says the family is excited about launching their brand and expanding beyond New York.

“From the beginning, the focus was on designing for the customer, creating great experiences for them, and creating an environment where they could make a personal connection with a designer,” he says.

“As we have continued to grow, so has the design of our boutique, and now we are ready to offer more options for consumers to discover what designer buttons look like on their own.”

RUB and RUBS are both designer buttons, but they differ in some key ways.

The “RUB” brand name is a nod to the designer R&am, which was founded and named in 1913, and the “Rub” is an acronym for a specific type of button.

Both brands also sell designer jackets, dresses, and pants.

For more information, visit the brand site at www.rubb.com.

For additional designer buttons and to buy R&arb button materials, visit www.raband.com/shop.