“What does your ‘best friend’ have?”

On Tuesday, the first ever “best friend” contest, sponsored by Zappos, will run for six months.

The contest, called “Best Friends, Friends, and Family,” is meant to highlight the different facets of friendship that can be shared between two people.

“You can tell someone you love them, you can tell them you’re happy with them, but you also have the ability to tell them how you really feel about them,” Zappo CEO Tony Hsieh said at the announcement.

“And if you have one of those best friends, you’re going to get to know them better.”

The contest has also launched a new page called Best Friends for You that will feature posts from people with a special relationship with the person they’re sharing their “best” moments with.

Winners will be announced later this year, with the winner being announced at the end of the month.

“If you’re sharing a best moment with someone, this is the thing that will be your best friend,” HsieH said.

“When you’re talking to them and they’re sitting on your lap and you’re having the best conversation and you have a special moment, you have that relationship that you’re not sharing with someone else.

It’s really good.”

Best friends have been around for years, but in 2016, Zappus released the first-ever survey that showed how many people still share their best friends.

The survey found that more than 60 percent of people have a friend they don’t know personally, but the survey also found that close friends are more likely to have a relationship with someone they know personally.

Zapps goal with the Best Friends contest is to help people “learn how to get the most out of the friendship they have with someone,” HsiH said at Monday’s event.

“In a world where people have been told they can’t have any friendship, it’s really important to understand what makes a friendship special.”

The company is offering a limited edition version of its jewelry called the Best Friend for you, which is limited to 20 pieces.

The design is based on the shape of an ostrich’s wing and has a heart-shaped design that is inspired by the best friend in your life.

“It’s a fun and quirky design that you can wear with whatever outfit you’re wearing, whether it’s a cute black tee or a casual black shirt,” Zoppos said.

The best friends are inspired by Zopa and Zapp, which Hsiehe said are both owned by Facebook and have been used by millions of people.

Hsiehs statement about the “best friends” contest was a response to a question from a fan who asked, “How can you be your own best friend?”

The company responded that the “most important thing is that the best friends you make with your best friends really, really mean it.

So it’s not just a friendship thing.

It means a lot.”

The Best Friends campaign is part of a larger initiative the company is trying to bring together more brands to create “authentic, thoughtful and meaningful connections with their communities,” Zapos said in a statement.

The company also has a $2 million fund aimed at giving women a voice in tech.