What are you looking for in a jewellery designer?

There’s a new breed of jewellery designers out there, some who have been around for decades, but with a new focus on making the jewellery design look as if it’s been created by a child.Matrix is one such jewellery company that has come to prominence in recent years, and has developed a reputation for designingRead More

How to design the perfect turkish jewelry piece

From a designer to a jeweler, these tips will help you create the perfect ring, bracelet, or necklaces from scratch.You’ll also find helpful tips for decorating and crafting jewelry.The turkish fashionista’s guide To get started with the turkish jewellery, find the perfect style for your needs.We have listed the best turkish designs and accessories toRead More

How do you design jewelry that will last?

Crave jewelry designs cross jewelry design,cave jewelry design article If you have an eye for design and would like to design jewelry, you should know how to get the design right.The question is, how do you do it?Cross jewelry designs design is a type of design where you design your own jewelry, then use thatRead More