How to buy the best Dallas jewelry in one place

You can browse through a wide range of Dallas jewelry stores online, but we like to use a handy tool to help make that process easier.This guide outlines everything you need to know to pick the best prices and merchandise for your next big purchase.You can also browse through our favorite Dallas jewelry shops inRead More

The Jewelry Show, Part III: The Art of the Jewelry Designer

The jewelry designer who first coined the term “diamonds” is back on the cover of National Geographic magazine with her latest book, Jewelry for Life: The Science and Science-Based Wisdom of the Diamond Trade. The book’s title is a reference to a gemstone’s unique shape and color that reflects the natural elements of the diamond, saidRead More

The first ‘upcyclable’ diamond earrings

I’ve got to say, I’ve never seen a pair of earrings like these.They’re basically recycled jewelry, but with a twist.These earrings are made from recycled diamonds and are sold as the first-ever “upcyclables” collection from Dallas jewelry designer Starlite Jewelry.The earrings were made by using leftover scraps from a previous earring collection and then creatingRead More