How to make a handcrafted necklace that will last for years

The handcrafted jewelry designs that make up the vast majority of Australian jewelry collections are usually handmade.But it is often not uncommon for designs to be copied from other sources.For example, some designer jewelry is made of recycled fabrics and materials.These are not always the best choices for creating a quality item.There are other typesRead More

How to choose an Indian-made diamond jewelry for your wedding

How to Choose an Indian Pendant, Ring or Jewelry Design?When choosing jewelry for a wedding or a wedding party, it is important to choose something that will last for generations.If you plan to have a large wedding, you may want to consider making an intricate or fancy necklace, bracelet, necklaces or earrings.If you have aRead More

How to create a unique design for your wedding jewelry

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Why Nepal Fashion is the Most Popular Fashion in India

Nepal Fashion has been the most popular fashion in India in recent years, says a survey.The fashion industry in the country is in dire straits, with demand for apparel, jewellery and accessories hitting record highs.Nepal has been hailed for its chic style and rich heritage.Fashion designers have created some of the best collections in theRead More