What you need to know about Austin Jewelry Designers

Austin Jewelers is a company that’s been making jewelry since 2003, and the company is known for its designs that are inspired by the local culture and culture of Peruvian communities.The company has made some very iconic pieces including the ‘Jolly Old Lady’ from the city of Lima and the ‘Candy’ from Mexico City, andRead More

Why are jewellers investing in the blockchain?

Designer jewelry investments are a growing industry, with more than 20,000 products in the market.But while the tech and blockchain is gaining traction, the traditional retail business model remains in place.Now a new kind of technology is changing the retail landscape, one that could transform the jeweller’s revenue stream.article The new business model, called theRead More

Why are you looking at jewelry designs on a blog

Why are we talking about jewelry design stencments on a website?It’s not as if there’s any way to stop them.This is a good thing.There’s no way to tell whether an article about jewelry designs is a piece of design or a piece that someone created.This makes it easy for the designer to know whether theyRead More