Jewelry Design Center in New York City opens

Jewelry design center in New Jersey is opening a new location in New Orleans.The New Orleans Design Center has long been known as the place to find jewelry designs from around the world, but that location is now being rebranded to “the jewelry designers center.”The new location will be a two-story, brick building with aRead More

How to buy a dasilvan jewelry designer

In a post on Medium titled, “How to buy your own dasiliva jewelry designer,” the company’s co-founder and CEO, Dalia Lopin, explains the process of buying jewelry from her shop. “When I started the business in 2012, I didn’t know a single person who knew anything about jewelry.In 2017, I became the first designer in theRead More

How to Design Your Own Retro Jewelry, by Jewelry Design Center,

In the past, the term “retro” has meant anything from vintage clothing to vintage-style furniture, but as the world has become more technologically sophisticated, we’re seeing more and more products and accessories that are retro in nature.And if you’ve ever wondered how the term retro came to be, this article from the National Institute ofRead More