Fashion designer who created jewelry design with a ‘fatal flaw’ dies

Designers from collective design jewelry studio Collective Design jewelry designer Ravi Kishore died Tuesday, the company said.Kishor, whose family declined to be identified, had been hospitalized in Israel for a month with an autoimmune disease.The company said he was 69.“His creative spirit and passion for making exquisite jewelry will be deeply missed by all ofRead More

Lila Design jewelry design studio to open shop in Hillcrest, NJ

LilaDesign jewelry design studios is set to open its doors in Hillbilly Hillcret in early 2019, with the first jewelry designs to hit the shelves.Located in a historic warehouse on Hillcrosby Avenue, the shop will be located inside a retail store on the site of the former Hillcreeks Jewelry and Design Center, which opened inRead More