How to Find and Shop Vintage Jewelry on eBay

By: Jennifer DePue source National Geo title How To Find and Buy Vintage Jewelery on eBay with the Best Jewelry Trinkets article By Jennifer De Pue article ByJennifer De Puer, National Geographic – 2 years agoOriginally published by National Geographic. In January 2018, we posted an article about how to buy and sell vintage jewelry.We hadRead More

Why you should take a look at Madison Designs jewelry designs

Madison Designs has a collection of jewelry designs that is as much a part of the Madison brand as its signature colors and patterns.You might not have noticed it, but Madison Designs also has a pretty extensive collection of custom jewelry.That includes the gorgeous, all-jewel-themed, gold-plated watches.(If you’re a bit of a vintage lover, youRead More

What is the real story behind the new #NikkiTrinket design?

The story behind one of the newest designs by the famed jewelry designer Nikki Trinket is getting new life as a new line of jewelry inspired by her signature jewelry designs.Nikki Trinkets newest line of designs includes a new gold necklace that was created using a combination of traditional Japanese gold jewelry and modern designRead More