What are you looking for in a jewellery designer?

There’s a new breed of jewellery designers out there, some who have been around for decades, but with a new focus on making the jewellery design look as if it’s been created by a child.Matrix is one such jewellery company that has come to prominence in recent years, and has developed a reputation for designingRead More

What’s the deal with Avon?

By the end of 2016, Avon had more than 5,500 stores, but in just the last year it has shed more than 1,200, closing about 1,000 locations.It’s not clear how much of the lost revenue was due to the recession, or if the recession itself had anything to do with the company’s loss.“In terms ofRead More

How to Make a Ring for a New Girlfriend

Gwen Stefani, the pop superstar, was asked to help design a new ring for a girlfriend she met at the Met Ball.The “American Horror Story” star and her husband of eight years, Ryan Gosling, collaborated with the jewelry designers at a gala event for a new “Gwen Stefania Collection” of jewelry.The couple said they hadRead More