What to look for in jewellery designs

The Norwegian jewelry designer Jarlbergs is known for its designs that are unique to their country.For example, the designs on their necklaces and earrings are inspired by different aspects of Norwegian life.However, Jarlbund has created a wide range of jewellery items for women that can be found at their stores in Norway and abroad.For thisRead More

Which Norwegian jewelry designer is right for you?

Posted October 20, 2018 03:02:30 In Norway, the name of the game is beauty, and the word beauty is a little hard to define.In Norway you will be familiar with two of the countrys best-known brands, the Jarlsbrand and the Brøndset, but you will also discover a whole range of other styles, from chiffon, lace,Read More

Norwegians wear gold bracelets and necklaces in new fashion

Norwegers are embracing a new trend in jewelry design: gold bracelet designs.While the new gold bracele is meant to be a more casual look, it also has a little bit of a fashion statement.It can be worn as an accent necklace, as a bracelet, as earrings, or as a decorative piece.“It’s an accessory that peopleRead More