10 of the Most Beautiful Jewelry Designs from the past year

When it comes to jewelry designs from the ’90s and ’00s, there’s nothing quite like the way your grandma made them, or the way they looked on your grandma’s neck, chest or waist.From necklaces to earrings to cufflinks and even jewelry belts, our editors picked out some of the most beautiful designs from that timeRead More

‘Frozen’ star Anna Faris dresses in ‘Frostbite’ gown

PHOENIX — “Frozen” star Anna Friel is sporting a new, frostbite-inspired ensemble in the upcoming film “Frostbites.”In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 30-year-old actress revealed she was inspired by her own experience with frostbite, which left her severely disabled and requiring several surgeries.Friel was cast as a character in the Disney filmRead More

What is the real story behind the new #NikkiTrinket design?

The story behind one of the newest designs by the famed jewelry designer Nikki Trinket is getting new life as a new line of jewelry inspired by her signature jewelry designs.Nikki Trinkets newest line of designs includes a new gold necklace that was created using a combination of traditional Japanese gold jewelry and modern designRead More