Which NFL player’s ring is the most unique?

The ring is unique in two ways.First, it is made from a stone that was quarried in India.The second is that the stone has a unique pattern that’s not found on any other stone.The New York Jets and New England Patriots are the only teams to have made a ring out of a stone.The Patriots’Read More

How to choose the perfect necklace for a guy

What is the perfect pair of rings for a man?I don’t have one answer for you, but you should definitely try a couple of rings before committing to a single pair.For a guy, a necklace is a great way to keep your jewelry in place, because you’re wearing the rings and you’re looking at themRead More

“What does your ‘best friend’ have?”

On Tuesday, the first ever “best friend” contest, sponsored by Zappos, will run for six months.The contest, called “Best Friends, Friends, and Family,” is meant to highlight the different facets of friendship that can be shared between two people.“You can tell someone you love them, you can tell them you’re happy with them, but youRead More

Why I never wear eyeliner on my face

The world’s greatest designer has always been one of the greatest painters of all time, and now she’s also one of our best-looking.The Lila design line of jewelry is inspired by the artist’s trademarked eyeshadow formula, but with the help of a little bit of modern makeup.Lila has teamed up with makeup brand Huda BeautyRead More

What are the biggest trends in jewelry?

The Jerusalem post has posted its list of the top 20 trends in the jewelry industry.The post says that a lot of these trends are very popular in Israel, so it is really important for Israeli jewelry designers to take advantage of them.The top trend is for a black-and-white look.The trend of the moment isRead More

Which is the best jewelry design template?

You’ve been reading jewelry design, but now you want to know which is the perfect jewelry design.So let’s take a look at the best design templates.First up, we have the designer jewelry templates.They offer a wide range of options that can be customized to suit a person’s style and interests.They are very versatile and allowRead More